Emilie Hahn


A collection of favorite animation projects


Claymation, Advertising

I created a claymation series for the antiperspirant company Carpe. The first series is inspired by the idea of “extreme sweat.” Characters were put in three different extreme water sports scenarios, each with a surprise twist ending


The second series highlights three of Carpe’s products, showing before and after use.

The puppets and props were built from plasticine, balsa wood, aluminum wire and foil.


Hand Drawn Animation

A hand drawn animation, inspired by dance and visualized music. I started with a hand drawn animation, printed the individual frames using the risograph machine, scanned into the computer, and stitched together into an animation. ⁣

Clammy Club


During quarantine I made a
sweaty hand claymation
just for fun, to make my friends laugh. I posted it online and made it an Instagram sticker. It ended up going viral! On election night 2020 it became a trending sticker, and today it has over 15 million views. (If you want to use it on your Instagram story, search “nervous hand”). Carpe saw the video and reached out, which led to our collaboration.


Claymation, Advertising

Brentano Fabrics reached out to me for a claymation video, that would tell the story of their new sustainable textile line. The textiles are made in partnership with Seaqual Initiative, an inspiring community dedicated to fighting plastic pollution by recycling marine litter into everyday products. 

I created a vibrant clay world, showing the process of how marine litter plastic can transform into a beautiful upholestered chair for your home. 

To watch the short film, click here.



What does it look like to adapt? And how does it feel? Sometimes in life you find yourself in new situations that require different muscles, skills and senses. You grow and evolve to fit this period of time, while maintaining the same soul and essence of you. ⁣Music by Lullatone.

Zoom Gloom

Hand Drawn Animation

I had the idea for this animation after a particularly grueling day filled with back to back zoom meetings. At a certain point my eyes started to glaze over, but I couldn’t stop staring at my little square reflection, no matter how hard I tried. My face and my mannerisms started to feel foreign to me, like they belonged to another person. After the 90 min mark passed, it felt like my zoom square had taken on a life of its own.⁣

Official Selection Minute Madness Tornoto 2020
Official Selection Life Screenings International One Minute Film Festival