Visual identity for an iconic brand that wanted to break out of the Kosher aisle, and connect with a mass-market audience without losing their Jewish-American heritage and culinary traditions. 

Many talented people worked on this project, my specific contribution was designing the man “hugging” Matzo Ball Soup. I was excited to see this design made it into the final brand identity and was used across several touchpoints.

The remaining full brand identity system was a massive team effort, designed and executed by the extremely talented team at JKR.
Senior Designer, Packaging Design

Global Creative Director
Lisa Smith

Creative Director

Rich Greco

Design Director
Siggi Oddsson

Design Team
Felipe Oliveira
Nick Hum
Taylor Woods
Mo Hinojosa
Daniel Stettner
Daniel Rocha
Emilie Hahn
John Vetter
Miguel Altagracia
Linda Strong

Maria Milenko

Sadie Dyer
Max Aruevo

Joe Schott

Kaitlyn Chandler


Jones Knowles Ritchie

Published 2024


Los Angeles, California