Emilie Hahn

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Interactive Installation, Animation

A new identity system for the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) and ShortFest as a hypothetical brand identity project at ArtCenter College of Design.

PSIFF is one of the largest festivals in North America, welcoming over 135,000 attendees each year for its lineup of new and celebrated international features and documentaries. ShortFest is the largest short film event in North America, and operates under the Palm Springs International Film Festival as a platform to feature emerging talent.

As a rebranding, I proposed a modern visual identity system that draws from the local vernacular of Palm Springs. The PSIFF identity, and its sister micro-identity ShortFest, use mid-century modern aesthetics paired with bright colors and wood type influences from the same time period. The multi-colored confetti graphic element celebrates the diversity of voices that are showcased at the festival.

I designed the ShortFest Program, a 166 page guide to the festival. Printed transparencies are used throughout, creating unique visual moments that explore light and color.

ShortFest Installation

Logo Design, Interactive Installation

An interactive installation that visually represents the mirror-like relationship we have with cinema. Confetti graphic elements are generated in real-time as viewers arrive, following their movements as they walk. Created using Processing, TSPS, MadMapper and a Kinect.

Communication Arts Typography Annual 2019
HOW International Design Awards 2019
Fonts In Use (Staff Pick)
ArtCenter Student Gallery 2018