Can a book be designed by chance? Odds is a book about visual artists who use chance operations in their work. I used this concept to explore chance operations in my own design, taking inspiration from artists Jean Arp, Janine Antoni, Yves Klein and William Anastasi.
Recognition: AIGA Design
Categories: Book Design, Research
Photography: Taylor Luo

Each chapter is designed using a different chance operation. For one chapter, I rolled dice to determine where each text column would be placed. In another, I used Basil.js scripting libraries to produce randomly skewed text or to draw lines at random. One chapter allows the reader to create their own chance experiment, by flipping pages to compose a random poem or collage.

Gravity and falling are an important chance procedure. The etymology of chance is traceable to the Latin verb cadere, to fall. I used this concept to create a poster series, advertising the book's launch.

The result is a book that is completely unique to its environment and time of creation. In the end I share creative ownership of the book with chance.

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Los Angeles, Calif.